How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It: Herwellbeing

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Want to create a routine and stick to it?

Here are few simple tips for you to create a routine and actually follow it regularly.

How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It: Herwellbeing 8

All of us did start following some routine at a point in our life.

Be it related to health, diet, lifestyle, skin, hair or workout.

But most of us found it difficult to keep going with it for longer period of time. And different reasons may be responsible for this.

Regardless of all this, it is a proven fact that following a routine improves our life in all ways possible.

Why to follow a routine?

Routines are the way to lead an organized and disciplined life.

It makes you a dedicated person, who is willing to achieve their goals, anyhow.

Further, following a routine helps in avoiding the unnecessary hassle and last minute panic. Because everything is well laid and planned beforehand.

This promotes better mental health and a productive mindset as well.

Some tips to help you :

Here are few tips to help you create a routine of your choice and actually help you follow the same:

How to create a routine:

1. Figure out the objective of following a routine

So, in the first place, figure out what is your objective.

Make a clear decision of what you want to achieve from the routine.

It can be anything like discipline, better health, time management, mental wellbeing, physical wellness, etc.

Thus, set the exact objective behind why you want to follow a certain routine.

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2. make a plan of action

Now, as you figured out your objective, it’s time to make a plan.

Plan every little detail of your routine.

A good plan makes the journey a lot easier. Having a proper plan of action laid out helps in achieving the desired objective.

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So, go ahead and make a plan for yourself that is flexible and easy-to-follow.

3. split major goals into smaller ones

Setting smaller goals does not mean aiming for less in any way.

It is in fact a proven method of achieving a lot more. So, split your major goals into into a few smaller ones.

Set multiple goals, that eventually add up to your target of hitting the ultimate big goal. This way you will stay motivated and find a way to keep going.

Completing the small goals gives a sense of satisfaction and that is enough to stay dedicated.

4. be progress oriented

” Strive for progress, not perfection.” – David Perlmutter

Following a routine does not imply to getting everything done at once.

Rather, it is the perspective of seeing yourself as a ‘ work-in-progress’.

Seeking progress every single day should be the ultimate motto behind following any routine.

1680240778 255 How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It Herwellbeing

As you follow a routine, you should seek progress from the process.

Eventually, perfection will be reached.

how to actually follow a routine:

Creating a routine is usually an easy part of the process.

However, difficulty comes when it is about following the routine. Here also we find it interesting in the beginning when we start it. It is quite refreshing to introduce something new into the lifestyle.

Also, we begin it with enthusiasm and all the motivation that there is. But, we merely continue it for a longer period of time, as the motivation fades away.

These few tips will help you stay committed to your routine and get the desired outcome.

1. stick to the plan

Stick to the plan!

Yes, the excitement of starting a routine may lead you to add few more changes as well.

Nevertheless, you have to tame that excitement and stick to the original plan. The one that you made for yourself.

This helps in avoiding distractions. So, stay committed to the original plan.

2. stay consistent

Nothing can beat consistency, nothing.

Once you start the routine, repeat it and keep repeating it until you get what you want.

In the beginning, you may not see the results and that might lead to demotivation. But, despite that keep going and stay consistent.

How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It Herwellbeing

Once you achieve consistency, you will find it way easier to keep going and follow the routine.

3. take one step at a time

Sometimes new things overwhelm us. Thinking that we have so much to do and we must do everything, all at once leads to overburden.

Further, we are unable to accomplish anything. This is the major cause of unproductivity and is the reason for unhealthy stability.

So, instead think of the next step you have to take. Take it one step at a time.

Focusing on only one thing at a given time avoids stress and gives wonderful outcomes.

4. track the progress

Now that you have started following a certain routine, you should also keep track of the progress you achieve.

Set small targets and tick them off once they are done. You can try daily, weekly or monthly progress analysis.

This accelerates motivation and keeps the fire of improvement within you alive. Also, you get to know where all the work is actually leading to.

5. reward yourself

This is probably the most important part of the journey to self-improvement.

Keep in mind that you are doing all this for yourself, your betterment and your well-being.

1680240779 753 How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It Herwellbeing

So, you must appreciate all that you are doing to achieve it. Rewarding is the best way to practice appreciation.

Even a small gesture of love towards yourself will do the magic.

Try gifting, purchasing small and useful articles or even resting is a form of rewarding yourself.

So, to sum all this up:

how to create a routine
How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It: Herwellbeing 9
how to actually follow a routine
How To Create A Routine And Actually Follow It: Herwellbeing 10

Hopefully, these tips help you creating a routine and following it regularly.

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